Ecological ideology

Because if we care for the environment, it can take care of us.

I have ecologically friendly methods for biological control of weeds and garden pests.

Many chemicals have been linked to cancers, this is why I limit my use of artificial chemicals in my gardening business; for your health, for the health of your children, your pets and the environment.

My ecological genetics honours project analysed native moth species morphology.  Among the conclusion of this project was a probable direct link in the altered wing shape and size resulting from even residual amounts of artificial pesticides which could therefore have an impact on survival fitness.

If residual amounts of artificial chemicals can have this effect, imagine what continued exposure does to you and your household.  For this reason, I advise the minimal use of artificial chemical control methods in favour of biological control methods and ecologically friendly treatments. 


Native plants are pretty too.

I have access to low cost native plants.  These native plants can be incorporated in to your garden to increase it’s attractiveness with locally adapted plants.  Locally adapted plants tend to require less care and have greater drought resistance.

Indigenous plants also encourage native animals including attractive butterflies and native bees (that pollinate plants but don’t sting) and the flow on effect of this encourages native birds that eat pests like mosquitoes into your garden.


Carbon Credentials

Where possible, electrical equipment used are powered by renewable energy (solar energy).


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